Mission and Strategy

A core part of Level Eleven’s mission is to invest in and operate profitable businesses that meet pre-defined investment criteria. The company’s founders and partners have extensive experience starting up, growing, advising and operating companies of all sizes and in all stages of development.

Level Eleven’s strategy is to invest both capital and management resources to actively grow start-ups and existing companies. Our team takes active roles working alongside inventors, technologists, entrepreneurs and other business partners to leverage our strategic and operational expertise as well as our business network to grow related businesses.

Recent Launches

No.9 Software [FIT] – FIT is intuitive, comprehensive software initially designed specifically for snowsports retail with development now expanding into other high-ticket and high-touch sports retail verticals including golf. With FIT, stores know clients better than ever, use expert rules to select the right gear, seamlessly manage rental and service workflows, and gain greater insight into what customers want. More at FitMobileSoftware.com

Early X Foundation – Scott Fennel and Michael Sims (Level Eleven Advisor) are co-founders and executive management of this Non-Profit IP Commercialization Foundation, working with Federal Government-funded national Research & Development labs, Universities and other Non-Profit Institutions. More at Earlyx.org

Biomimicry LA – Colin Mangham founded Biomimicry LA as a diverse, regionally attuned professional network of changemakers and visionaries fostering innovation inspired by nature. Initially established as a non-profit association, Biomimicry LA is now expanding into a professional services model to connect bioinspired products and methodologies with end users and provide integration services through deployment. More at BiomimicryLA.org

Current Ventures

Tennis Teachr – allows for real time video collaboration between professional tennis coaches and players in an iOS environment. Share video, mark up strokes and compare your stroke to the pros, sign and book lessons and share content. Currently developing confidential exclusive licensing deal for content.

Primitive Feast – believes in one thing: Good honest food with no fake ingredients. We truly are Food…Evolved. Whatever your nutrition philosophy, we think that we can all agree that healthy eating begins with clean eating. Our frozen entrees and sauces: are always free of gluten and refined sugars; never contain highly genetically modified crops such as corn or soy; never have chemical stabilizers or additives; use only olive oil and other natural fats, never any industrially pressed oils such as canola, corn or soy oil; are absolutely delicious and easy to reheat. More at PrimitiveFeast.com

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